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Just The FAQS M'am


What types of services do you provide? 

Where are you located and what are your hours? 

What are your boarding charges? 

I need to board my animal, where do I begin?

Do you administer medications? 

How often will my pet get outside? 

Are there any discounts for long-term boarding?

Are there discounts for multiple pets? 

When is check-in and check-out?

How much is grooming and what does that include?


puppypawbutton What types of services do you provide? 


Archer Road Pet Resort provides full pet boarding services as well as bathing and grooming services for dogs and cats. Click here for a more comprehensive look at our services.


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puppypawbutton Where are you located and what are your hours? 


We're located at 16011 SW Archer Road in Archer, Florida. Click here for a map and driving directions. From I-75, take Archer Road (County Road 24) West toward Archer. We're off Southwest Archer Road on the left hand side next to Archer Animal Hospital just before the stoplight in Archer. Our operating hours and check in and check out hours are listed here.


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puppypawbutton What are your boarding charges?  


We charge by the day and boarding fees begin upon arrival as outlined below. There is no charge for the day your if you pick up your pet by 11:00 a.m. Charges include feeding, dosing of medications (if needed), and lots of TLC. Please inquire about additional costs if you have two or more pets that you'd like boarded together.

Effective May 1, 2013 charges are as follows:


Dogs 0-35 pounds    --    $21.00
Dogs 35-85 pounds  --    $24.00
Dogs 85 pounds & up --  $26.00  Second dog in same run $3 off.

All cats  --   15.00 Single Condo. Second cat in same condo $3 off.

Pets boarded 30 days or longer receive 10% off.

Cash or check payments receive 2% discount.


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puppypawbutton I need to board my animal, where do I begin and what do I need to bring? 


Once you've made your reservations, come on in!  We'll provide you with the necessary forms when you arrive. If you would like to print out our "Pet Boarding Form" ahead of time, click here.  Below is a summary of the process and types of information we'll need to better serve you and your pet.



Reservations & Contact Information.  Please call ahead to make reservations. If you're boarding during a holiday, please be sure to make reservations early!  Make sure you know your travel and boarding dates. Let us know the day/date/time you intend to drop off your pet and the day/date/time you intend to pick up. Be sure to have contact numbers where you can be reached while away in case of an emergency or just for a question.



Veterinarian Information & Vaccination/Health Records.  We'll need the name of your veterinarian and his/her contact information. We require all pets be current on all vaccinations and be in good health and prefer to have this information faxed to us ahead of time. Since vaccination requirements may vary by county and vet, we ask that you adhere to your county's standards for health requirements and your vet's protocol for vaccinations. We require rabies, bordetella, and DA2PLP for dogs and rabies, FVCRP, and recommend FeLV for cats. It's a good idea to call your vet's office and have them fax vaccination records to us at (352) 495-4330 prior to your arrival to speed up the check-in process.



Flea Free. All pets are checked for cleanliness and fleas upon arrival. Should a bath or flea treatment be necessary, this will be done for a fee before pets are placed in the boarding area. Should your animal become terribly soiled during his or her stay, we will bathe them for a small extra charge.



Pet Information & Extra Services Needed.  We'll need to know your pet's name and any history and/or behavioral characteristics he or she may have, such as digging, climbing, barking, etc.  Also, let us know any additional services needed such as additional playtime, bathing, grooming, special diet, etc. The more we know about your pet, the more we can make him or her feel at home.



Food & Feeding Instructions.  We provide a high-quality, nutritionally balanced dry or canned food for our animals. If your pet is on a special diet, please bring your own food and any special feeding instructions. We feed twice a day at the Pet Resort.  Research indicates dogs that are fed smaller meals are less likely to bloat. If your pet is used to having food at free choice we are happy to provide this but any leftovers will be thrown away prior to refilling the bowl twice daily. Therefore, your pet may go through more food while being boarded than he normally would at home. If you bring your own food it should be individually packaged in baggies (labeled with your pet's name), one baggie per meal.  We do not have a lot of storage space and this way pets get fed as they're accustomed. If we have to pack your food, there will be a charge of $15.00.



Medications (If Needed).  From our own experience we know there are times when a pet may need medication. Our daily fee includes administering medications if necessary. Be sure to bring any special medicines your pet is currently taking along with dosing directions and any special instructions your vet may have provided.



Bedding. If your pet has special bedding, you can bring it with you. We ask do that you provide bedding that can be laundered if needed. However, if your pet chews his or her bedding, we will remove it to avoid possible obstruction. We also offer special Kurundra beds for larger dogs, or you may bring your own.



Toys & Treats.  Bring special toys, chewies, treats or anything else that your pet loves and that will make him or her feel at home. We do not accept "hooves."


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puppypawbutton Do you administer medications? 


Yes.  Be sure to bring any special medicines your pet is currently taking along with dosing directions and any special instructions your vet may have provided.


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puppypawbutton How often will my pet get outside


Dogs are on a regular schedule, and are allowed out in the play area three times a day:  first thing in the morning, middle of the day, and in the late afternoon. Outside trips and length of time outside depend on the weather. If you'd like to add additional play time, through our Play Time Program we charge $2 for extra individual time out and $4 for supervised group playtime.


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puppypawbutton Are there discounts for long-term boarding?


Yes. You'll receive 10% off our standard boarding costs if you need to board for 30 days or longer.


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puppypawbutton Are there discounts for multiple pets? 


We don't offer a discount for multiple pets that are boarded separately because we provide every pet with the same amount of care and attention needed to keep them healthy and happy.  However, If you have two or more pets that are to be boarded together, we offer $2 off each additional pet after the first one.


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puppypawbutton How much is grooming and what does that include?


Grooming costs depend on coat length and condition, how long since your pet's last grooming, and your style or service requests. All grooms include deluxe bath, ear cleaning, nail clipping, and expressing anal glands. Just a plain bath is also available.


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puppypawbutton  When is boarding check-in and check-out?


Check in/Drop Off is as follows:


Check out by 11 a.m. to avoid additional day boarding charge


8am to 3pm - Monday, Tuesday, Thursday & Friday

8am to 11am - Wednesday & Saturday


Pick up is as follows:


8am to 5pm - Monday, Tuesday, Thursday & Friday

8am to 11am - Wednesday & Saturday

Sunday from 3pm-5pm for pickup only


Pets picked up before 11am are not charged for that day.




We are closed all major holidays. There is a service charge for pets brought in or picked up during hours the resort is closed. Prior arrangements for this service are required.


During Memorial Day to Labor Day, as well as major holidays, (peak periods) the minimum stay or charge is 3 days. A 3-day deposit is required to reserve boarding space. Any change of dates--coming in or going home--a three day notice is required or the original dates reserved will be charged (or the three day deposit). If cancellation notice or change of pickup date is received 72 hours prior to the reservation dates, the deposit will be returned. For Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays there is a 5-day minimum.


We try to be flexible, so if you have special circumstances, please call ahead and we'll try to accommodate your needs.


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