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If you're considering boarding your pet, below are a few tips to help make preparing your pet for boarding easier for you and your pet.


Making Reservations / Preparing Your Pet / CommunicationHealth Records

Bedding & Toys / Food / Medication / Going Home

bulletReserve Early 


Be sure to make your reservations early. We tend to book quickly during holidays, vacation times (such as Christmas, Spring Break, and July 4th), and on weekends. To schedule boarding, simply call ahead to make reservations. You can also print out forms here to get a head start.

bulletPreparing Your Pet 


Don't overfeed your pet prior to boarding or going on a trip. This can result in an upset stomach since pets can become excited when they are leaving home or riding in a car.   


If you pet suffers from "separation anxiety," you may consider short overnight stays at the pet resort prior to an extended stay.


As a rule, kittens adapt easily to boarding and exploring their new surroundings.  Adult cats prefer to quietly "observe" daily happenings as they would in a window at home.


Please make sure your pet is flea free. We check all pets for cleanliness and fleas upon arrival.  Should a bath or flea treatment be necessary, this will be done for a fee before pets are placed in the boarding area.

bulletYour Separation Anxiety


Pets can sense your anxiety, so your being calm and comfortable helps them feel a sense of comfort. Try to relax and enjoy your getaway!


 Remember, your pet is in good hands, is enjoying a new outing, and will probably receive as much or even more attention than they normally would at home!



Be sure to let us know any special needs or problems your pet may have, such as hearing loss, fear of thunder, excessive barking, etc. This ensures that we are able to provide the best care possible.


Make sure you know your travel and boarding dates. Let us know the day/date/time you intend to drop off your pet and the day/date/time you intend to pick up. Be sure to have contact numbers where you can be reached while away in case of an emergency or just for a question.

bulletHealth & Vaccination Records 


We ask that you have your vet fax vaccination records to us at (352) 495-4330 prior to your arrival to speed up the check-in process. More information on vaccinations.

bulletBedding & Toys


If your pet has special bedding, please bring it, but we ask that you provide bedding that can be laundered if needed. Bring special toys or anything else that will make your pet feel at home.


We've found, through experience, that certain toys can be hazardous to pets. We reserve the right to restrict any toys or treats that may harm your pet.



From our own experience we know there are times when a pet may need medication. Be sure to bring any special medicines your pet is currently taking along with dosing directions and any special instructions your vet may have provided. 



We encourage owners to bring their own food, individually packaged and labeled, to eliminate changes in their pet's diets which can cause GI upset. If preferred, we feed a premium dry and canned food for both dogs and cats. It's important that you instruct us on your pet's feeding habits, so we can maintain a consistent routine for him or her. If your pet is on a special diet, please bring your own food and any special feeding instructions. We feed twice a day. 


Research indicates dogs that are fed smaller meals are less likely to bloat. If your pet is used to having food at free choice we are happy to provide this but any leftovers will be thrown away prior to refilling the bowl twice daily. Therefore, your pet may go through more food while being boarded than he normally would at home.

bulletChecking Out & Returning Home


Be sure to write down our check-out hours so you can schedule your pick up accordingly. Pets tend to be excited when you arrive and when they're home, so be careful about overfeeding or offering too much water initially.  Offer a few ice cubes and a small amount of food until your pet calms down and gets into his or her normal routine.


We keep records of your pet's stay and how they adapted to help us accommodate him or her in the future. We will share this information with you when you check out.

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